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The sound of the torch is kinda Pavlonian before a toke of some nice errls

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MrCaliMatt heads to Goosefire Gallery in Long Beach, CA this last weekend for glass blowing artist JAG's "Get Some" show. JAG had a massive amount of VERY cool art. From the Robots, to the Dino collabs to the boom box... JAG did some incredible work! Matt must have been there early or late because the crowd was shoulder to shoulder packed for most of the night. Well done MrCaliMatt!

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In Las Vegas, police officers seized an estimated $4.5 million worth of marijuana plants from a home on Trickling Stream Circle, located about 20 minutes from The Strip.

Officers are now calling the bust the biggest indoor marijuana seizure Las Vegas has ever seen.  Police who served the warrant last week discovered a home completely filled with marijuana plants- the only sign that someone actually could have been living there was a few water bottles and some oranges.

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This Blueberry OG Shatter nectar made by TerpX from California Patients Association is an amber slab that is see through and sexy oil texture.  At first it could be touched but would stick to fingers like duct tape, needing rubbing alcohol to get the stickiness off."

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"This batch of Willie tasted like a mixture of lemon and Thai with a sour kick to it.  The lemon sour taste was the most predominant with the Thai hanging in the background.  I was left with a bitter taste on my tongue for a while after the bowl was gone.  I wish it would have been flushed a bit better, though.  I must say the smoke was smooth and the flavor lasted to the end.  A bong is the way to go." 

"This stuff will floor you.  I smoke a ton and a few small bowls keeps me good for 2-3 hours.  Most everyone else says it lasts them almost 4 hours!"

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High Quality Meds Delivered Right to Your Door!

If you are looking for a nice flower that will ease and relieve any tension... this would be it. Louie OG! Keeping you chill and relaxed, this might even couch lock you depending how much you smoke & tolerance! Buds are pretty good size. Big. Round. And with some girth to them! Always a nice and a plus when they are dense and sticky too.

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For Sale by Owner - $550

:: 18mm Joint
:: Comes with Dome
:: Price Includes Shipping


:: Matching Right Hand Feed 14mm Curve Wrapped with CPG2TI
:: Matching 4" Long Chillum
:: Matching 1" Wide Dish
:: Matching 14mm Push Bowl Piece with FTC Linework and Fuming
:: Donut Splash Guard with Fume Detail and 4 Horn Attachments
:: 7 Sections on Tube
:: Ti Signed and Dated by Artist

Price: $749.99

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1201 E. 17th St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Open Daily 8-11

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Purple Flow (S)
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